Welcome to my website


There are web pages I created for my course

Lab2 Lab3 Lab4 Lab5 Lab6 Lab7 Lab8

Lab 2

This web page is my CV

This page shows all my educations, my experiences, and my objective

Lab 3

This page are images in different formats

There are 3 formats of image and their characteristics

  1. GIF graphic format
  2. JPEG graphic format
  3. PNG graphic format

Lab 4

This page is some information of myself
It shows my hobbies

Lab 5

This page is an invoice table
It shows the price of some goods and their tax

Lab 6

This page is some information of myself in a different view
It shows my hobbies and some of links to my lab pages in two columns

Lab 7

This page is Image Transformation
It shows also links to other transformations

Lab 8

This page is examples of fieldset
Such as: